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Does this sound familiar? You arrive in a new location for your holiday, all set to relax and enjoy your vacation, but first you need to go buy groceries. Actually, first you have to find out where you can buy groceries. On the way to the store, you decide to stop to eat because you’re hungry…but you don’t know where to get one of those long-awaited lobster rolls you’ve heard so much about. After getting everyone fed and groceries purchased, you usher everyone back into the car because you don’t want to waste a single second of this beautiful summer day…except you don’t know what you should do. You toss around tourism guides and pamphlets until you find something that appeals to everyone. But then you see the bolded text: Reservations required.

By this point, you feel anxiety rising. You just want to relax and not worry about these pesky planning details. Is that so hard?

Not when you let PEI Travel Concierge take over…

We know this Island. We know what’s open when. What places require reservations. And, yes, we know where to get a tasty lobster roll!

But we’ll also take the time to get to know you, to ensure that your time here is what you truly want.



Hospitality Services in PEI

We work with you to identify your needs, interests, and passions, to make your PEI experience even richer.

Here on business? We can help

Unsure what you might like to do? We have ideas.

 Want to experience something different? We can make it happen.


Here are some things we can help you with:

  • Accommodation assistance
  • Private helicopter service
  • Private plane assistance
  • Executive airport & car service
  • Shopping Services
  • Private Chef
  • Professional Photography
  • Island aviation tours
  • In-accommodation spa services
  • Private Yoga & Pilates
  • Private Massage Therapy
  • Errand Service
  • Exclusive Experiences
  • Custom planning

Hospitality Services

Don’t miss out on your perfect PEI experience- Book your hospitality services instantly today!

Personal Shopping in PEI

Have your accommodations stocked with your selection of food and household items before you arrive or anytime throughout your stay.

 Finding specific groceries or supplies can prove difficult in new places, especially in rural areas. And even if you know where to get your items, do you really want to waste precious vacation time running errands? Let us take this chore from you!  We’ll ensure you have everything you want and need, so you can spend your time vacationing.

 *We always shop at the stores with the highest quality local options

Items such as: groceries, dietary needs, health food store items, special requests, local products, alcohol, locally made beverages (fresh juices, kombucha, wines, beers, spirits, and island sodas), Island loose-leaf medicinal teas, fresh flowers, over-the-counter medicines


*Groceries will be neatly stored where they belong, leaving accommodations in a presentable manner

Personal Shopping Services

Contact us today to get your estimate.

Airport & Car Service

Need a ride from the airport to your accommodation? We can help! Who wants the added stress of flagging down a taxi or crossing your fingers that a car rental is available? With our airport car service, you’ll start your time here already relaxed, knowing that all your travel needs are met.

Charlottetown Airport to accommodations (Island wide) 

Servicing the island tip-to-tip

And, should you require car service at any point during your stay on PEI, we can help with that, too.



Airport & Car Services

$100/Hour, 2 hour minimum 

Discover the PEI lifestyle

If you do not see what you are looking for-ask us, we can do (almost) anything!

PEI Travel Concierge Services

PEI Travel Concierge is a proudly based Prince Edward Island concierge service.

We are a premier travel concierge company in Prince Edward Island. Here to assist you before, during, and after your visit. 

Custom Designed Travel.

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