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Why Prince Edward Island should be your next destination


1. The people.
Authentic people bring out the best in others by being the best, most genuine person they can be

2. The Beaches.
I needn’t say more, the world is catching on

3. The luxuriant seascapes.

4. Canada’s Food Island.
PEI is a foodie’s dream, with fresh food available direct from the land and the sea…you can’t get much fresher

5. The relaxed pace.
Enjoy the leisurely energy of Island life, and give yourself permission to slow down


6. Come and experience established traditions and a way of life

7. World-class fishing.
PEI’s North Lake region known as the, “Tuna Capital of the World,” is a top destination for not only catching tuna, but also other large species of fish (600-1200lbs!).

8. Rugged coastline.
PEI’s coastline is famous for its red hue. These thick sequence of Devonian rocks (formed over 350 million years ago) are a thing of beauty you have to see for yourself

9. World-class golf.
PEI is Canada’s #1 golf destination.
Come tee off from tip-to-tip.

10. Small town charm.
Yes, Charlottetown offers city charm, and Cavendish has adventure for the family, but there’s so many areas of the Island just waiting to be explored.
Souris, was named one of the happiest communities in Canada? Come find out why!

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